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Hotels are a transition point for visitors, which makes the customers a ready and willing audience for information about the hotel itself and the locale. Digital signage for hotels makes the delivery of messaging engaging and fun. Did you know that 55% of travellers indicated they would be more likely to visit a hotel that offered self-check-in kiosks?


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Top Use Cases

Mvix Hotels Context Wayfinding Mvix Hotel Screen Wayfinding


Wayfinding helps guests navigate throughout the hotel.

Mvix Hotel POI Mvix Hotel POI

Points of Interest

Shows guests local points of interest to maximize their trip.

Mvix Hotels Context Transit Mvix Hotel Transit


Display live wait times and locations for metros, buses, rideshares, bikes, and more.

Mvix Hotels Context FIDS Mvix Hotel Fids

Flight Info

Show flight status information in real-time for guests with flights.

mvix hotels meeting room sign

Meeting Room Signs

Improve the room booking process and space management in your hotel.

Mvix digital signage software

Event Listings

Display automated event calendars for meeting and conference rooms.

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Engaging content is the starting point for a successful digital signage implementation. To get an ROI out of digital signage for hotels, you need compelling content that is easy to manage.