Smarter Visual Communication


Government digital signage empowers institutions and agencies at the federal, state, and local levels to communicate with the public and employees more effectively. It reduces the time and effort required to show engaging visual communications.


Military bases | DMV | Gov’t agencies | Courts | Libraries | Police/fire stations

Top Use Cases

Mvix Government Context Docket Mvix Government Docket Landscape

Court Dockets

Display court information such as case numbers, court times, and more.

Mvix Government Context Directory Mvix Government Screen Landscape


Directories give an outline of where to find offices and other locations.

Mvix Context Government Employee Comms Mvix Government Employee Communications

Staff Communication

Share announcements, rules, and regulations for departments.

Mvix Government Context Information Mvix Government Information Slides

Information Slides

Educate the public on current initiatives or upcoming events.

Mvix Government Context Wayfinding Mvix Government Wayfinding Landscape


Wayfinding helps employees and guests navigate the building easily.

Mvix Government Context Emergency Mvix Government Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alerts

Override normal content to protect the public from potential danger.

Improve Visitor Satisfaction

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Content for Government Offices

To help reduce anxiety and calm visitors, government offices need to display content that will provide them with relevant information and reduce perceived wait times. Displaying such content on government digital signage will give visitors the experiences they have come to expect in commercial environments.