Digital Signage for Rec & Fitness Illustration
Digital Signage for Gyms - Mvix
Digital Signage for Gyms - Mvix
Digital Signage for Gyms - Mvix
Digital Signage for Gyms - Mvix
Digital Signage for Gyms - Mvix
Digital Signage for Gyms - Mvix

Digital Signage for Gyms, Rec & Fitness

Entertain Clients and Improve Member Retention

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Digital Signage for Gyms - Display Schedules

Gyms: Entertain and Inform

Entertain Gym Members and Promote Healthy Living

Shaping Digital Experiences

With everyone becoming more health-conscious and particular about their appearance, the number of gym members is increasing exponentially worldwide.

In response to the demand for cutting-edge digital signage solutions for gyms, we have provided comprehensive gym digital signage services to new and existing customers.

Our solutions have enhanced member experience, improved the efficiency of communications with members and visitors, and provided fitness centers with a new kind of branding that is hot, trending and eye-catching.

12Years in business

StableIn business since 2005, with offices located in US (Corporate) and India (R&D). During which we were included in the prestigious INC5000 in 2012 and ranked as one of the top media technology solution providers of 2015 by CIO Review.

15000+Satisfied clients

ReliableWith a client base of over 15K satisfied clients across the world including the US Australia, Canada, S. Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Spain, France, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UK.

46500+Systems installed

RobustOver 46K networked, HD systems installed across the world. These include solutions for high-definition digital signage systems, video-wall appliances, interactive digital kiosk systems, and cloud-based content management systems.

$0Monthly charge

AffordableWe are revolutionizing the digital signage industry by providing contract-free and subscription-free web-based digital signage software. The cloud software, equipped with dozens of widgets, allows unlimited user licenses, unlimited device licenses.

Enhance Gym Promotions with Digital Signage for Gyms

Enhance Active Lifestyle Experience

Promote Events and Special Offers

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Enterprise Digital Signage for Gyms

Digital Signage Software

Our gym digital signage solutions are free for all Mvix customer.

This speeds up the ROI of the investment, in addition to bringing in more revenue due to increased engagement and membership sales.

Additional benefits of our digital signage solutions for gyms include:

  • Multiple digital signs, dynamic content, playlists and playback schedules can be managed remotely from a single platform.
  • The solution includes dozens of dynamic content apps & widgets to create, display and manage a large variety of content e.g. event listings, emergency alerts, traffic, RSS feeds, dynamic weather, etc.
  • Easy content updates.
  • Zoned templates allow you to display multiple content at the same.
  • Comprehensive calendar-based scheduling for scheduling content days, weeks, months and even years in advance.
  • Smart playlists to create and update playlist automatically allowing intelligent scheduling across the digital signage network.
  • Web-based portal for centralized control which enables message consistency and data integrity across locations.
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