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Digital Signage for Manufacturing

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Manufacturing Signage

Manufacturing Signage Solutions

Improve Workplace Safety and Productivity

Mvix Across the World

Mvix signage systems are providing an opportunity for plant managers to interact with their employees in real-time, and make it easy for the communication department to disseminate information to the employees.

12Years in business

StableIn business since 2005, with offices located in US (Corporate) and India (R&D). During which we were included in the prestigious INC5000 in 2012 and ranked as one of the top media technology solution providers of 2015 by CIO Review.

15000+Satisfied clients

ReliableWith a client base of over 15K satisfied clients across the world including the US Australia, Canada, S. Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Spain, France, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UK.

46500+Systems installed

RobustOver 46K networked, HD systems installed across the world. These include solutions for high-definition digital signage systems, video-wall appliances, interactive digital kiosk systems, and cloud-based content management systems.

$0Monthly Charge

AffordableWe are revolutionizing the digital signage industry by providing contract-free and subscription-free web-based digital signage software. The cloud software, equipped with dozens of widgets, allows unlimited user licenses, unlimited device licenses.

Digital Displays for Manufacturing

Manufacturing: Dynamic Communication

Keeping up with Regulations & Trends

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Why Mvix?

Digital Signage Software
  • Analytics Widget provides you with an easy means for transforming data into dynamic charts.
  • Versatile web-based portal for internal information, news, weather etc.
  • Scheduling tool to schedule your content days, weeks, months in advance.
  • This frees up plant managers to interact with their employees on the plant floor.
  • Easily updateable to reduce response times for production quality issues.
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  • show flight and maintenance schedules
  • show day-of and post-flight activities
  • improve internal communication

Download this free case study to see how NASA's SOFIA Program used digital signage across 3 facilities to: