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Restaurant digital signage is an engaging communication tool used to boost sales, improve the customer experience and create a livelier environment. It can be used in many eateries including fast-food, bars, fine dining, and more. Did you know that 74% of customers say an easy to read the menu is their top priority?


Increase sales | Scalable | Easy to use | Improve customer experience

Top Use Cases

Mvix Context Menu Boards Restaurants Mvix Restaurant Screen Menu Boards

Menu Boards

Display menu information including food descriptions, pricing, and more.

Mvix Context Promotions Restaurants Mvix Restaurant Promotions


Promote any sales, special discounts, or bogo deals you have running.

Mvix Live TV Restaurants Mvix Restaurant Live TV

Live TV

Entertain customers with live news, sporting events, and more.

Mvix Context Restaurants Infotainment Mvix Restaurant Infotainment


Display food facts, food channels, and more while customers wait.

Mvix Photos Restaurants Landscape Mvix Restaurant Photos


Entice customers with appetizing photos of different food options.

Mvix Landscape Customer Reviews Restaurant Mvix Restaurants Reviews

Customer Reviews

Showcase what your customers have to say about your restaurant.

A Powerful Tool to Engage Customers

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The success of your restaurant digital signage depends on the quality of content displayed and how your audience engages with it.