Digital Signage for Worship

Modernize your Venue and the Worship Experience

Enjoy cost savings of up to $6,500 per year by switching from paper to digital signage.

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Top Use Cases

Leverage digital signage in your church, temple, or mosque to modernize the way you communicate with members, enhance the worship experience, create a strong community and unify, your worship venue. 


  • Donor Walls
  • Digital Welcome Boards
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • Digital Menu Boards 
  • Digital Building Directory
  • Video Walls
  • Wayfinding

    Help individuals who are at your worship venue find their way around. Whether they are new or current congregation members, or just visitors, wayfinding can help individuals feel more comfortable.

  • Social Media

    Showcase your social media accounts to engage your congregation. Share social media feeds on your digital signage displays to make it easier for visitors to your place of worship to get connected.

  • Directories

    Use a digital building directory to simplify how visitors and employees find their way. Replace paper signs with directories to save costs and modernize your building. Works well together with wayfinding.

  • Congregation Communication

    Use digital screens to boost engagement, show announcements and other important information. Communication is possible with more than 150 apps to choose from; including social media and images.

  • Live Broadcast

    Many churches and religious venues make use of live streaming. The service can be played in the lobby for those who needed to step out or for staff members who can't attend in the main hall.

  • Event Management

    Another way to inform individuals of worship venue happenings. You can display the calendar for the next month, or even create individual displays for each event or activity.

Content for Worship Venues

 Display updated and relevant content to welcome congregation members as well as new visitors to your venue. The idea to have compelling displays so that people will pay attention to your screens.

  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • worship digital signage
  • place of worship signage

Content for all Worship Venues

The Mvix software includes over 150 content apps and integrations, enabling you to make the most of digital signage for worship venues. 

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“I wanted a solution that would give me the freedom to set up our content exactly the way I wanted it to look, and Mvix did that for us.”

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Digital Signage for Worship Venues Articles

Find out more information about how to use digital signage in churches, mosques and temples.

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Mvix digital signage solutions for churches or temples include hardware, software, content and professional services that enable you to optimize workplace communications.

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Leveraging a large library of content types and approaches to choose from we can get your signage network up and running quickly.

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Our sales and support teams are digital signage certified experts. This guarantees you’re working with an experienced team for your digital signage implementation.

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The Mvix professional services team will work with both your IT and communications team to make sure the deployment meets both standards.

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