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Content Design

Custom Content Design for Digital Signage

The communicative power of digital signage lies entirely in content; how it’s worded, how easily it can be seen by viewers, how many visual aids are included, the combination of colors, the length of the message etc. All this might be overwhelming for businesses, but not for our creative team.

We know that the best and most effective digital signage follows an organization’s business, branding and marketing strategies. In addition to being meaningful and relevant, digital signage content should also evoke an emotional reaction from viewers in order to consistently attract attention, and motivate the viewer to take action.

With custom content design for digital signage, the fundamentals of digital signage content are achieved. Our team of experienced digital signage experts, who possess in-depth insight about the market, will create dynamic, eye-catching content that’s tailored to your specific signage project.

Custom Developed Content

Full-motion graphics

We'll develop full-motion graphics to concisely present your message.

Dynamic, eye-catching templates

We'll work one-on-one with you on tailor-made content to set your company apart.

Specialize in working with SMBs

We'll work closely with you to develop custom content that meets your unique needs.

High-caliber design packages

We'll create an integrated design package to meet your specific project needs.

Why Custom Content?

By investing in custom content design, brands can benefit in a variety of ways:

  • Reduced operation loads that bog down creative/marketing/IT teams.
  • Affordable turnkey project management.
  • Quick, affordable project start-up to avoid delays when implementing timely marketing strategies.
  • Custom and highly targeted content that influences behavior and increases purchases by as much as 40%.

Client Needs

Mvix consistently works to understand and address the custom digital signage content objectives and goals of each customer. We also place special emphasis on developing creative yet functional designs that effectively convey the kind of information that is meaningful and memorable.

Mvix’s custom design gallery includes templates for education, healthcare, hospitality, corporate, restaurant, financial institutions and retail clients.

Creative Elements

From menu boards and wayfinding maps to promotional displays and state-of-the-art videos that convey unique brand messages, Mvix delivers digital signage that precisely defines a business from its competitors.

The versatility of custom content combined with the technical expertise of Mvix’s team of digital signage professionals means that companies will not only inform customers, but they can also entertain, amuse, enlighten and, more importantly, persuade them to purchase a product or service.

Branding Value

Critical to the success of any product or service is the type of branding strategies companies use to influence consumer purchasing behavior.

Branding is also helpful when introducing a new product or service. When incorporating custom digital signage content into the promotion of products that are already supported by solid branding strategies, you’ll be telling a unique and highly targeted story that viewers can relate to.

Digital Signage Screen Guide

In addition to content, one of the most important things to keep in mind when you invest in digital signage is exactly where you plan to place your screens, and how far away people will be when looking at them.

Being mindful of this at the very start of your project will enable you to make the right decisions about screen size, positioning, and design.

For detailed information on what to consider when it comes to distance and digital signage, download the free Digital Signage Screen Guide.

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