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Consistent and Dynamic Custom Solutions that Add Value and Drive Results for your Business

Digital Signage is Everywhere!

Digital signs are present almost everywhere, whether it’s a retail store, a hospital waiting room or a corporate boardroom. Each application has highly specific requirements for functionality and usability.

With a focus on custom solutions, Mvix has emerged as a leader among commercial digital signage companies. A wide range of products, each of which offers advanced features at an affordable price point, makes Mvix an ideal partner to organizations of any size.

Digital Signage has three focal components: Hardware, Software and Content. As the leading provider of complete end-to-end digital signage systems, we provide expertise for all three legs of the Digital Signage ecosystem.

From personalized/branded custom content (e.g. digital menu boards) to custom signage hardware and cloud software, digital signage from Mvix allows you to connect with your audience with flexibility and control. We will develop creative solutions that epitomize your company’s mission and goal.

  • Deliver the right content to reach your unique goals.
  • Customize your system to measure specific/useful data.
  • Scalable to meet your company’s expansion plan.
  • Display content relevant to a specific audience/location.

We are ready to partner with your from concept to completion! Let us identify the right solution, right location, and the right content to ensure the best ROI.

Why Mvix?

Mvix has become a leader in multi screen digital signage systems as a result of the exceptional value it offers customers. The company provides:

  • Technologically advanced solutions, including digital kiosk systems with full 1080p HD video, cloud-based content management, wired and wireless connectivity, and other exclusive features that make updating signage easy.
  • Modular control through the use of free widgets that allow users to expand their display’s functionality to include content from social media updates, RSS feeds and more.
  • A history of success, with thousands of installations performed to date and a 91% customer satisfaction rating.
  • Free updates as technology changes, and a three year “Tech Refresh” program that replaces aging signs and systems at no extra cost.
  • Industry-leading warranty support, with standard coverage for up to a year and a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • No-fee CMS. Unlike other custom digital sign companies, Mvix doesn’t charge monthly fees for the use of its cloud-based content management and updating system.


There are various potential applications for Mvix’s interactive digital signage systems. Use them for any situation in which customers or visitors require immersive experiences or simplified access to information.

Many organizations are employing Mvix products for:

  • Advertising: Vivid, high definition ads can generate customer engagement and boost sales. Research indicates that 47% of viewers can recall ads they’ve seen on a digital display — far more than any other passive media. With a custom digital signage system from Mvix, organizations ensure their branding requirements are met, maintaining consistency between platforms while still benefitting from everything going digital has to offer.
  • Information: In airport terminals, building lobbies and other facilities, custom digital displays are giving visitors access to the information they need to know. When visitors can find their way around a complicated location easier, it makes them feel more at home, which increases their odds of returning.
  • Corporate Communications: In boardrooms around the country, digital signage has replaced whiteboards. When team members have real-time access to sales, traffic and other important information, they can increase their productivity and be more flexible in their response to emerging situations.

These are only a few of the potential applications for Mvix’s custom digital signage media players. To learn more about the technology or to request a quote, contact the Mvix office today.

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  • show day-of and post-flight activities
  • improve internal communication

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