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Personalized Training

Web-based, One-on-One Customized Training

Mvix is committed to empowering clients to get the most out of their investments. Unlike many signage systems, Mvix systems can be self-learnt. They are easy to use and simple to setup.

In addition to the knowledge base (KB) articles, Mvix also offers web-based, personalized (one-on-one) training (multilingual including Spanish) to assist users in understanding and adopting Mvix signage systems in their network. Qualified trainers teach clients how to get the most out of their system.

We also offer training materials in:

Whether the preparing to launch, updating to a new system or software or adding new users, the training classes walk through detailed demonstrations and real time examples of software features with plenty of time for Q&A.

Our Expertise

The training session will consist of in-depth demonstrations of all the features of the digital signage network including:

  • Navigating through the Content Management System.
  • Uploading content and adding it to the signage network.
  • Content scheduling and deploying a sign.
  • Setting up users, adding systems and expanding the network.
  • Interactivity features and functionality, if any.
  • Monitoring and reporting functionality.
  • Data integration features and functionality, if any.


  • Learn how to set up and manage your system.
  • Get tips on how to optimize the system for your business.
  • Get as many members of your team on the training.
  • Training is tailored to the business goals for the system.
  • Get trained and in turn train others on use of the system.
  • Purchase as much additional training as needed.
  • Get any questions answered in the Q&A session.
  • Get in-depth demonstrations of the features of the system.

What to Expect

  • Personalized training sessions are tailored to all levels of users.
  • Trainees should have basic computer knowledge.
  • The trainer will drive through the user-friendly interface.
  • They will also show real-time examples of feature set up and maintenance.
  • Personalized training sessions can be booked in 1-hr time slots.
  • The training session is tailored to the organization’s topics of interest.

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  • show flight and maintenance schedules
  • show day-of and post-flight activities
  • improve internal communication

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