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Courtroom Signage

Empowering Court Clerks & Visitors

Improve the Courtroom Experience

Going to court can be a stressful affair.

To reduce anxiety and improve the courtroom experience for visitors, clerks can leverage courtroom digital signage to share relevant court communications.

With digital courtroom signage, clerks can also enjoy faster throughput and more effective outcomes.

Digital signage displays in a courtroom can be used to:

  • Display time-specific dockets (Digital Docket Display System) which will reduce anxiety and agitation.
  • Inform visitors of security checkpoint procedures e.g. emptying pockets and handbag, weapon policies, etc.
  • Control traffic and reduce congestion by posting clear directions.
  • Post courthouse rules about noise, decorum, etc.
  • Display motivational quotes or calming imagery/scenery to create a calm environment.
  • Display important alerts and emergency information during an emergency.
  • Display court announcements, last minute room changes, etc.
  • Display weather, calendar and even traffic on displays near the exit.

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Best Fit Systems

If a digital signage system is expensive to maintain, difficult to update or in any other way a drain on the court’s resources, it isn’t worth the investment.

An effective courtroom digital signage system will be:

  • Easy to update.
  • Low cost.
  • Have a scheduling feature.
  • Allow remote management and centralized control.
  • Zoned templates to display multiple media on screens.

Our systems have been designed with the needs of court clerks in mind.

They can be updated remotely from any internet-enabled computer and feature both wired and wireless connectivity.

To learn more about how these courtroom digital signage systems can improve the visitor experience and increase efficiency in your courthouse, simply contact us or send us your RFP.

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    • Management Software
    • Ongoing | Subscription Fee
    • Display Resolution
    • Network Connection
    • Screen Layouts | Zones
    • HD Videos, Images, Ticker
    • Traffic, Weather, Calendar
    • PDF, HTML5 and URLs
    • Social Media Widgets
    • Charts, MRSS, Financial
    • Multi-user Management
    • Warranty
    • Xhibit Lite System
    • Web-based CMS
    • NO
    • Full HD | 1080p
    • Wired | Wireless-N
    • max 4 zones
    • YES
    • YES
    • YES
    • NO
    • NO
    • YES
    • Standard 1 year
    • Xhibit HD System
    • Web-based CMS
    • NO
    • Full HD | 1080p
    • Wired | Wireless-N
    • upto 20 zones
    • YES
    • YES
    • YES
    • YES
    • YES
    • YES
    • Standard 1 year

Smarter Courtrooms

Enhanced Organizational Value

Digital Docket Display System

Our Digital Docket Display System is driven by our simple yet innovative Docket widget.

The widget receives case information from a docket database, arranges it in a graphic presentation that is attractive and easy to read, then displays the information on a digital screen.

Updates made to the docket database are automatically reflected on the digital displays.

Benefits of a Digital Docket Display System include:

  • Reduce operating costs by eliminating the consumption of paper and printer supplies.
  • Improved clerk efficiency: the digital docket displays can be updated fast and easily and clerks won’t have to manage paper logistics.
  • Clerks can share a lot more information because of the vast digital real estate e.g. judge information, parties involved including lawyers, etc.
  • Easy customization where the displays can easily show information that’s specific to a particular court e.g. police officer names in traffic court.
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The Mvix courtroom digital signage solution enables clerks to remotely manage multiple screens, content, playlists and playback schedules from one platform:

  • Easy to update.
  • Remote management, smart playlists, comprehensive scheduling and reporting.
  • Centralized control for message consistency.
  • Zone-based screen templates to display multiple content simultaneously.
  • Multi-user platform with specialized permissions.
  • Full-HD 1080p content playback for maximum impact.
  • Free content widgets e.g. events listings, RSS, social media, calendar, weather, YouTube etc.

All systems come with a one-year warranty and a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

The company also offers Signature Care with “Tech Refresh” where the courtroom signage hardware is replaced every three years at no extra charge.

To learn more about how these digital signage systems can improve communication and efficiency in your courthouse, simply contact us or send us your RFP.

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