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Conference Room / Meeting Room Signs

Digital meeting room signs are perfect for improving internal communication and properly utilizing meeting room spaces.

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Meeting room signs come with more control

Digital meeting room signs come with many customization and control features that can be used in various office locations. This allows all types of office environments to benefit from a more structured solution.

  • User Access Control

    Manage meeting room signs and users from one account

  • Remote Management

    Make changes to the display while being away from the office

  • Easy Customization

    Customize colors, text, bg images, or company logos

  • Dynamic Content Options

    Starts from $299, include free software

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Benefits of Meeting Room Signs

Meeting room signs can help organizations, both big and small, streamline their company meeting processes and avoid the double-room booking nightmare for employees, visitors, and guests.


Implement a shared booking system such as Google Calendar to easily view room availability.

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Identify room capacities so that your large rooms are not being used for small meetings.


Assign each conference room a name so they are easy to update, identify, and remember.

Be sure to check out the below case study!

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

“Mvix Digital Signage solutions has become an integral part of our program operations.”

Edward Harmon

Mission Director

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The Mvix Advantage

Integrate Mvix’s award-winning solutions with other hardware and services to provide a complete solution to end customers.

15 Years of Experience

Over 150 content integrations enable users to deliver real-time information, so you’ll be confident in every decision you make.

Digital Signage Experts

We’ll provide installation, implementation and content creation services so you can hit the ground running and get ROI faster.

Superior Support

Our software supports BrightSign, Chromebox (AOPEN and Asus), Android and LG, making it easier to display content.

Award-Winning Creative Team

Manage 1 or 100s of screens with different content, at different locations, and with multiple people contributing content.

Mvix Digital Signage at NASA
Edward Harmon
NASA Mission Manager

Being able to share mission timelines, weather and other critical information to all of NASA SOFIA’s worldwide locations, Mvix Digital Signage Solutions has become an integral pat of our program operations.

Bryon Glock
Assistant Director of Information Technology

The digital signs provide consistent messaging at all locations. The cloud-based software model gave us flexibility to serve many locations and it’s really lightened the workload for everyone involved.

Teri Robinson
Digital Signage Champion for Nassau County Clerk of Court

This project has helped elevate our office in the eyes of the public, and has provided us with another way to demonstrate our mission statement: “We are Public Servants! Our every effort shall be dedicated to protecting and preserving the public trust!”

Kaia Sunne
Art Director

We wanted an easier way to maintain all the digital menu boards in our stores at the same time. With the Mvix digital menu boards, it’s very easy to make up-to-the-minute updates remotely.

YMCA of the Rockies
Mary Ann Degginger

Communicating with our guests across many building can be difficult, but the Mvix solution has done this, and everything we’ve wanted from it, very easily. It’s been great for managing our brands at both centers.

Kyle Baxter
Systems Administrator

It is no surprise that the students have come to rely on the signs as the one place they can go to know everything that’s going on in the school. They are more likely to read information off a digital sign than a non-stimulating paper poster. The students are interested in what’s vibrant and dynamic.

Jack Netter
Assistant Director for Cultural Services

Digital signage offers a unique opportunity for us to convey timely, valuable information via highly visible rich content. Given our robust WAN and Wifi build-out and our existing content creation capabilities, the signage project fit very neatly into our current infrastructure.

Tim Jaynes
Executive Director

The digital signs allow us to expose residents to additional programs and services not only provided by our agency, but community partners. Also, the ease of operation and being able to instantly update the messages being presented is invaluable.

Keith Pyatt
Manager of Digital media & Technology

I think that if everyone had Mvix Digital Signage, they’d have an elegant and finessed system.

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