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Waiting Room Signage

Welcome and Inform Waiting Guests

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digital signage for waiting rooms with uber and lyft

Engage and Direct

Mission Critical Reliability

Reduce Perceived Wait Times

Digital signage for waiting rooms empowers businesses to enhance the waiting experiences as customers wait to receive service.

Some of the ways businesses can use waiting room signage to reduce perceived wait times by keeping customers entertained and informed include:

  • Display a welcome message.
  • Provide instructions on what the visitor should do e.g. check-in instructions.
  • Display approximate wait times.
  • Show wayfinding and building directories to quickly orient guests.
  • Show bios of staff e.g. doctors, to familiarize visitors with them.
  • Show general info about the business e.g. services offered, office hours, phone numbers, history, etc.
  • Show social media accounts to encourage social engagement

Read how digital signage can reduce perceived wait times by as much as 35%.Visit BlogVisit Blog

Best Fit Systems

An effective digital signage for waiting rooms system will be:

  • Easy to update.
  • Low cost.
  • Have a scheduling feature.
  • Allow remote management.
  • Have centralized control.
  • Zoned templates to display multiple media on screens.

We recommend these systems for your waiting room signage.

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    • Management Software
    • Ongoing | Subscription Fee
    • Live TV | Video Input
    • Display Resolution
    • Network Connection
    • Dynamic Content Widgets
    • Wait List | Queue Widget
    • Screen View | Remote
    • Turnkey Kit Options
    • Warranty
    • Xhibit HD System
    • Web-based CMS
    • NO
    • NO
    • Full HD | 1080p
    • Wired | Wireless-N
    • YES
    • Optional
    • YES
    • Turnkey Kit Options
    • Standard 1 year
    • Xhibit LIVE System
    • Web-based CMS
    • YES
    • YES
    • Full HD | 1080p
    • Wired | Wireless-N
    • YES
    • Optional
    • YES
    • Turnkey Kit Options
    • Standard 1 year
Digital Displays for Waiting Rooms

Inform and Socialize

Optimize the On-site Lobby Experience

Superior Visual Experience

With crisp UHD images and video, dynamic graphics and media animations, digital signage for waiting rooms modernizes the patient experience while making wait times seem shorter.

Additional benefits of waiting room signage include:

  • Reduced workload for staff – when relevant info is available on the screens, visitors don’t need as much help from staff.
  • Reinforce your brand by using company logos and colors.
  • More informed/knowledgeable visitors which will speed up service.
  • Reduced paper and printing supplies.
  • Additional revenue from selling ad space to partners.
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Waiting Room Signage Solutions | Free Demo

  • Easy to update.
  • Remote management.
  • Centralized control for message consistency.
  • Scheduling tool to schedule content in advance.
  • Designed for “Set it and forget it” programming.
  • Zone-based screen templates to display multiple media content.
  • Multi-user platform with varying permissions.
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