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Digital Wayfinding Signage

Interactive Directories and Wayfinding Maps for Hospitals, Parks, Malls

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Digital Wayfinding Signage

A Destination Hub

Convenient Source for Information

Redefine Turn by Turn Directions

Wayfinding signs can do much more than just point your guests in the right direction. Where traditional directional signs serve only one purpose, digital signage allows dynamic content to surround your building’s wayfinding materials.

While relaying accurate information is the main goal of these displays, their flexible and customizable nature allows them to serve a number of additional purposes. Property managers can use wayfinding digital signage systems to:

  • Provide easy directions for your visitors.
  • Integrate with other solutions e.g. meeting room event database.
  • Enhance the visitor experience.
  • Personalize the display by posting a welcome message.
  • Free up additional staff time.
  • Reach more visitors at the same time.
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Best Fit Systems

If a wayfinding digital signage system is expensive to maintain, difficult to update or in any other way a drain on a business’s resources, it isn’t worth the expense.

An effective wayfinding signage system will be:

  • Easy to update.
  • Low cost.
  • Have a scheduling feature.
  • Allow remote management.
  • Have centralized control.
  • Zoned templates to display multiple media on screens.

From top to bottom, Mvix systems have been designed with the needs of users in mind. They can be updated remotely from any Internet-enabled computer and feature both wired and wireless connectivity.

Several product lines ensure there is a solution available to meet the needs of businesses at every price point. We recommend these systems for your wayfinding signage system.

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    • Management Software
    • Ongoing | Subscriptions Fee
    • Display Resolution
    • Network Connections
    • Screen Connections
    • Dynamic Content Widgets
    • Screen layouts | Zones
    • Content across screens
    • Screen View | Remote
    • Multi-user Management
    • Turnkey Kit Options
    • Warranty
    • Xhibit HD System
    • Web-based CMS
    • NO
    • 1080p (HD) | 4K (UHD)
    • Wired | Wireless-N
    • up to 2 | same content
    • YES
    • up to 20 zones
    • Single | Dual
    • YES
    • YES
    • w/ Commercial Screens
    • Standard 1 year
    • Video Wall System
    • Web-based CMS
    • YES
    • Full HD | 1080p
    • Wired | Wireless-N
    • up to 12
    • YES
    • up to 20 zones
    • Extended
    • YES
    • YES
    • w/ Zero-bezel Screens
    • Standard 1 year
Digital Displays for Wayfinding

Budget-friendly Info

Responsive, Powerful, Intuitive Solution

Guide Customers and Patrons

Mvix systems are powered by enterprise wayfinding digital signage software that puts powerful functionality in the palm of a user’s hand. Much in the way that GPS systems have supplanted maps, feature-rich digital wayfinding products take building navigation into the 21st century.

Typical Mvix customers include malls, office buildings, hospitals and other large facilities, which rely on the company’s products to:

  • Provide your audience with detailed directions in a rich, engaging and modern format
  • Integrate with other solutions like meetings and events.
  • Promote events, services, and other activities.
  • Embedded with QR codes or custom URL to send to portable device.
  • Reinforce your brand by incorporating your logo.
  • Eliminate printing costs and delays.
  • Sell ad space to partners.

A map can be more than just a way of getting visitors to their destination — it is an opportunity for branding reinforcement, cross-selling, advertising and more. Achieving these goals in a subtle way that doesn’t interfere with a visitor’s experience is one of the key goals of any digital wayfinding system.

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Mvix also offers an optional “Tech Refresh” program that automatically upgrades aging technology when new devices become available.

Is it any wonder Mvix is a leader in both sales and customer satisfaction when it comes to digital wayfinding systems? To learn more about the company or to request a free quote, contact Mvix today.

  • Easy to update.
  • Remote management.
  • Centralized control for message consistency.
  • Zone-based screen templates to display multiple media content.
  • Multi-user platform with varying permissions.
  • Full-HD 1080p content playback for maximum impact.
  • Free content widgets e.g. RSS feeds, social media, calendar, weather, YouTube etc.

All Mvix solutions come with a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. The company offers one-on-one web-based training, ensuring all users get up to speed quickly and can take full advantage of their new digital wayfinding system.

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