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[Infographic] Court Docket Displays: What are their Benefits?

Court docket displays are an effective tool for any courthouse to have. This solution eliminates the need for court clerks to answer repetitive questions and print static dockets (which are both time-consuming to create and costly to produce.)

Along with improving efficiency and saving tax dollars, there are a variety of other benefits that come with implementing this solution:

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Trade Show Diaries: What to Expect at CTC 2019!

The Court Technology Conference (CTC) is the largest court technology conference in the world and brings together more than 1,500 court professionals for three days of learning, training, and networking. CTC 2019 will be held in the one and only, New Orleans. The Mvix team is packing their bags and will be there for all the fun and excitement!

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[Guide] A Complete Guide to Courthouse Digital Signage

Courthouses are an integral part of our judicial system. Those tasked with managing courthouse policy bear the responsibility of maintaining decorum and ensuring that courthouse processes run smoothly—two goals best achieved through communication. And as it turns out, digital signage is the perfect way to achieve this level of communication.

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Top 7 Content Apps for Digital Courtroom Signage

Even though courthouses fall outside the spectrum of typical use cases for digital signage, they can be supported by digital strategies as much as any other industry. Courthouses are built on communication, efficiency, and professionalism—making them ideal candidates for digital signage integration. And while quantifying the real ROI of digital courtroom signage is a bit different than for customer-facing signage applications, it’s no less effective at supporting the visitor experience.

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