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3 Tips for Designing Content for a Video Wall

In many ways, video walls are unique among digital signage solutions. They tend to be big projects, with numerous screens, hardware assets, and content options required for even the smallest installations. But in other ways, video walls are no different than any standard digital signage project. Like all digital signage, a video wall is only as good as its content. Many of the best practices for digital signage content creation hold true for video walls. Here are 3 best practices for designing content for a video wall:

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Keys to Video Wall Success

Digital signage has risen in popularity in recent years. Unlike static signs, video screens allow for a wider range of features. Video walls are an extension of digital signage as a concept. A video wall is a multi-monitor setup that uses multiple television screens, video projectors, or computer monitors that, when tiled together, form one large-sized screen or image.

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