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Why more Architects are Using Digital Signage

While there are differing opinions about the ever-increasing pervasiveness of digital media in our lives, there is no denying that it is here to stay in some capacity.

For architects using digital signage, the challenge is turning something that has the potential to be disruptive into a practical tool that seamlessly integrates into a space. If done well, the addition of digital displays can actually increase overall aesthetic appeal and create an interactive customer experience that translates into new business potential.

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Up and Coming Applications of Digital Signage: Predictions for 2016

In discussing trends for digital signage, almost all industry leaders listed a move to 4k screens as a major concern in 2015 and beyond. The growing use of digital signs in non-retail and creative niches, including art and hospitality, make better image quality important. But higher-quality screens and bigger imaging aren’t the only concerns for digital signage: the accessibility of the platform makes it possible to launch digital signage in a variety of locations and interactive formats, creating opportunities for uses throughout businesses and organizations in every industry. While many of these uses are possible today, continuing innovations will make some uses more prevalent throughout 2016.

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